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March 20, 2021

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How about some inspiration to keep you going until we meet again -  all have online stuff and mostly free…

Leri Kinder

Some of you will have taken Leri’s watercolour course with us when we were open.  She has been doing Facebook online sessions for the ASA and wondered if any of us would be interested in something similar.  In fact, she says you don’t have to even have Facebook as she will send out information by email or even paper copies!  Here’s a link on how to contact her via her website  Please mention what it is about in the comments section and also say if you are a member of BAG.  And here’s her Facebook page:

BAG Lockdown Competition photos

Here’s a link:

Vivienne Cawson Art

Vivienne demonstrated for us last year, so you might be interested in her video as part of Painters Online.  It’s a floral still life.  Available until just before Christmas.  Alternatively, although she says you can find it on her website, I couldn’t find it there, but it’s worth a look at the lovely work she produces.

Artists Demo Days on Facebook

Many of you will know Ali Hargreaves.  She is part of this group of artists doing free demos.  If you are on Facebook, then search for Artist Demo Days and Follow it.  Ali’s demo week on trees was the week - 26th to 30th October, but you don’t have to watch it live. You will also find other artists there to follow.

Ali is also offering paid for email and video lessons if you are interested.  Email her at for more details.

The British Academy

A free festival of ideas for curious minds

Art UK

The online home for every public art collection in the UK. A fascinating site, full of information on works of art and some stuff you can try at home.

The Tate

Do I need to even talk about this one?  They also have a lovely site for children, if you want inspiration for online meetings with grandchildren!

The SAA (Society for all Artists)

It’s a club and they sell stuff, but there are some free to watch live demos which you might be interested in.

Grayson Perry’s Art Club

If you didn’t get to watch this, then you can still sign in to channel 4 and use catch up to see the episodes.  I enjoyed it!

Artists Network

A really mixed bag here!  

If, like me, you struggle with mixing greens then try this page: